Beginners have two options to kick off their rowing journey: Intro to Rowing or Sculling I.

Intro to Rowing
Intro to Rowing is our basic introductory sweep class, which will get you on Lake Cunningham and learning the basics in no time. It’s perfect for people of all fitness levels and previous athletic experience! Class begins in a stable 2-person doubles in which you will become familiar with rowing terminology and the fundamentals of technique while learning to row in a fun environment. Upon successful completion of Intro to Rowing, students can progress to Novice Sculls, General Sculls 1, and General Sculls 2. After that, if you’re interested in rowing competitively, you can try out for our Men’s and Women’s Competitive teams.

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Sculling I
Rowers in Sculling 1 will learn the lake traffic patterns, how to navigate, and how to row, embarking on the Lake in safe, stable shells. Sculling 1 coaches create a safe, fun environment for new scullers. After successful completion of Sculling 1, students can progress to Sculling 2, 3, and 4, after which you can take the captain’s test, successful completion of which allows you to sign up for Singles Sculling so that you can take out a single and row on your own. Coached group sessions are available for Single scullers.

Whichever you choose, sweeps or sculling, you need to come to all classes in the first two weeks, rain or shine. Why? Our first priorities are your safety, security, and enjoyment. During the first two weeks, your coach will review safety information and program and individual goals so you can be safe, improve your rowing, and have fun. We ask for regular attendance throughout your program for the same reasons.

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All rowers must pay the Facilities Fee to participate. What is this? This is to help us maintain the boats and maintain the facilities.